Your son/daughter has found the love of their life.  The proposal went like a charm.  The wedding

date has been set.  The planning begins-venue, caterers, florist and the list goes on.  Mothers typically

are doing for others and then they realize –“What am I going to wear?!”  We are here to remind Moms

that it’s their special day too.  Mothers of the Bride AND Mothers of the Groom – this is for you!


Long vs. Short:

This is a question that Moms may struggle with.  She may feel that it’s not that formal of a wedding

and concludes she should get a short dress.  I am pleased to share that long gowns can be seen from

Barn to Ballroom.  Think of the venue, time of day and comfort.  This can help make the decision

concerning the length of the gown.  I often find myself expressing this sentiment, “How often do you

get to wear a beautiful long gown?.”



We have Moms that shop in our store with color requirements from the Bride.  We also have Mothers

that tell us, “the bride says it doesn’t matter what color, just love it”.  What do you do?  Here are a few

things to keep in mind.  Color is important.  Think of the family portrait on your wall.  Do you look good

in beige?  Are you a jeweled tone girl?  Does the color of the bridesmaid matter?  It will if you have

a daughter that is a bridesmaid – remember those pictures?   A Mother of the Groom will want to think

about the color of what her son is wearing.  The point is well illustrated that if she does not have a

daughter that is bridesmaid then their color does not have to be part of the equation.  Now, that being

said, it’s good to keep in mind time of year, perhaps color shades that the bride is having for her venue

and what her vision may be for your gown.  Color is important – it can reflect personality, help us stand

straighter and smile with confidence.



Do you want to be limited in style and color?  Shopping 2 weeks, even 2 months before a wedding will

limit what you may be able to get for your special day.  We recommend shopping at least 6 months

before the wedding date.  This will allow time for shopping, shipping and alterations.  Remember,

this is your special day too.  Make a day of it.  Bring the bride or perhaps a good friend.  Shop

for your gown, have a little lunch and perhaps do some more shopping!  We want you to enjoy

the process, so remember the timeline and make your appointment today!


The Wedding Day:

The music has started and your escort is about to walk you down the aisle.  How do you feel?

Is your heart racing?  Are you thinking about your child that has grown into this beautiful adult?

Do you feel confident as you are walking down the aisle?  We know you will because you took

the time you deserved to select the perfect gown for the perfect day.  This is all because you

remembered and said to yourself,  “It’s my special day too!”

Written By: Cindy George