You have been dreaming of this moment your whole life. The moment you walk down the aisle and look into your future husband’s eyes while he gazes back into yours from the distance, your guests all smile and awe as you walk by in your dream dress, everything sparkles, it’s perfect. Does that mean your husband has the same fantasy as you? Probably not. He is probably looking forward to the reception, food and the honeymoon, but that does not mean he is not excited about the whole wedding planning process and the wedding itself.

His Opinions Matter

When looking at which color and material invitations to chooes, don’t criticize his opinions (even though they may be way off your color scheme), treat them with interest in order to encourage him to express his opinions as well. He will love your feedback and become more involved in the process. You get more bees with honey than with vinegar.

Keep him informed

If you decide to add something a little bit more extravagant in your wedding, like an ice sculpture of the two of you in the middle of the head table, make sure you consult with your fiancé. Anytime a more costly purchase is made (or any purchase really), he will be glad you informed him and he will feel you are working as a team. And who knows, he might want his dog in the ice sculpture.

His Bachelor Party

Is his, that’s all there is to it. You don’t want him to feel pressured to call/text you every other minute on his “last night out with the boys”. Just take a deep breath and don’t look at the clock.

Memories are made through planning

You will make more memories planning your wedding together than during your actual wedding. So make sure your memories have the both of you in them. Later down the road you can laugh at some of the choices you made as a team.

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