You are engaged!  What’s next?  Planning a wedding has so many parts – Selecting a date, venue, menu, bridal gown, flowers and most important who will be in the bridal party.  Most likely before you became engaged you and your fiancé discussed who you would like to stand with you.   This is natural.  There could be brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles all to choose from – what about high school or college buddies from your past – see where I’m going?  A bride and groom could end up becoming a coach of a baseball team!  We recommend pausing before asking – Once you ask you can’t take it back! It’s been said that when deciding who will be in your party, it’s important to ask yourself, “Will I still be close to this person in 10 years”?  You will have your pictures for a lifetime.

Once chosen then the next decision to make will be the attire.  This is where we come in as an experienced staff at Caryn’s Bridals.  Let’s consider a few things that we think will be helpful.  First and foremost is:


Mentioned earlier, wedding planning contains many parts.  Bridesmaid dress shopping is one of those parts.  You of course want this to be fun and exciting for all.  Timing helps with this.  Waiting until the last minute can create stress, extra costs (such as rush fees) and shave away the fun that you and your girls should be having at this special time.   We recommend making that appointment at least 6 months from the wedding date.  This allows time for selection, measuring, ordering, shipping and alterations.


The trend seems to be for brides to bring her girls in and say – This is the company and color.  You pick the style”.  This can work nicely.  We come in all shapes and sizes and girls seem to appreciate being able to select a gown that fits them the best.   I have communicated to brides not to not rule out one style for all because we do have certain dresses that look fabulous on all body types.  This can make it a little easier, especially when dealing with a large bridal party – that last girl might find it more challenging to find her dress because the “cute” styles have already been selected.


Caryn’s Bridals, Formals and Tuxedos have been helping Brides for over 34 years.  I can only imagine how many bridesmaids have flocked in here.  Thousands!  We have shared many happy moments with these girls and look forward to seeing many more!  When a bride purchases her gown here at Caryn’s, we will give the bridesmaid 10% off her gown!  The lines available to choose from are Bill Levkoff, Christina Wu Celebrations and Adrianna Papell.  Bill Levkoff and Christina are going to range from $169-$250.  Our beaded Adrianna Papell are going to have price points from $250-$350.

So, will it be 2 – 4 – 6 or 8 bridesmaids?  The choice is yours.  Remember to take time to consider who you will ask so there are no regrets.  Make a day out of it.  Come shop for the dresses, have a little lunch and then of course do a little more shopping!   We are here at Caryn’s ready to help you and your girls have a fun and memorable experience!

Written By: Cindy George