Your Trip to the Bridal Salon

You’ve finally gotten to the best part of planning your wedding, Finding your Dream Dress. Everyone knows to start by finding the salon nearest them that has the most beautiful dresses, but what about what to do once you’re actually in the bridal salon looking for your dress? Here are a few pieces of advice to help you while your at the Salon looking for your perfect dress.

1. Make an appointment.
Most salons are small, have a limited number of dressing rooms that are booked weeks in advance. Bridal salons often ask that you have an appointment to ensure that each bride has a dedicated consultant who can help pick out gowns, offer guidance, and get a bride in and out of the dresses (Because that can be no easy task alone!)

2. Have ideas wedding-dealsof what you are looking for.
Finding your perfect dress is the most exciting part of planning a wedding. But sometimes it can be overwhelming when you come in and look at the dresses. We all know the world of Pinterest and Google are filled with ideas for different styles of wedding gowns, so to make it a little easier on yourself try to take a peek at some dresses on those sites or even on the Salon’s website to see what they have that you think you will like. Having an idea before you come in for your appointment will help you consultant be more prepared to pull styles that you are looking for, and leave behind the ones you don’t like. And don’t forget to wear or bring your strapless bras or spanx so that you can get the closest image of how you will look in the dress on your big day!

3. Wear light makeup, and leave the coffee at home.
The gowns at bridal salons are samples, so they only have one of each; they can’t run to the back and grab you another one if there’s a smudge, stain, or spill on the gown. So hold off on the lipstick and sip just water while you’re shopping so that the dress is just as gorgeous for the next bride as it was for you.

4. Be mindful of the time!
On TV it may seem like a bride has unlimited time to browse the racks and try on dozens of dresses before choosing their dream dress, but in reality, appointments are usually only an hour and a half long. While it is acceptable to go slightly over that time limit (especially if you are this close to choosing your gown or waiting to be measured) keep in mind that the consultant more than likely has another appointment directly after yours and she may be waiting. If you are concerned with making a decision too quickly, or you feel like you need to sleep on it, its perfectly fine! Ask your consultant about making a second appointment with her and come back to try on your top choices with fresh eyes.

5. Have Fun!
Finding your dress is supposed to be one of the most fun parts of a wedding. Bridal consultants do their very best to make it fun and stress-free for the bride because they want you to have the best experience possible! Bring your mom, grandma, sisters, aunts, best friends, anyone who will make you have the best day you possibly can! (But remember that sometimes too many opinions can make it hard on a bride and create an overwhelming feeling!) When you find your dress, clap, shout, whoo, and celebrate! Bridal consultants want to make sure that you can’t wipe the smile from your face when you find your perfect dress for your dream wedding!

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