Thank You Notes- a Must!

You have probably seen many wedding timelines that include “Thank You notes” at the end, but you might not think they are such a big deal. Showing your appreciation means a lot, especially if you are thanking someone who took the time to come celebrate your wedding and/or bring you a gift.

There are many ways of writing Thank You notes after your wedding, the best way in our opinion here at Caryn’s Bridals Formals and Tuxedos, is the traditional hand written Thank You. You can start by printing out your guest list, and as soon as you have opened a gift from someone, write it next to their name on your list (excel file works best) and then check it off once you have finished the note.

Caryn’s TIP: If you find a gift from someone and it does not have a card/name on it and if it was purchased from your registry, then you can call the store and they will tell you who it is from.

This will be something that involves a lot of time on your part (not as easy as the invitations that are all printed the same). Keep in mind that people love to read a lot more than just “Thank you for your gift, we love it!”

If you really want to make your guests feel like they are appreciated, then you can have a note that looks similar to this:


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Smith,


Thank you so much for your generous (if it was money)/ wonderful gift, we really appreciate it.

We plan on using the ________/ $–.00 toward our ______________________(insert what your plans are with the gift).

We are so glad you could join us for our special celebration; we hope you had a wonderful time at our wedding and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Sincerely, / With Love

Mr. & Mrs._______


Thank you notes are wonderful to receive no matter what the occasion, or without any occasion. Take the time to say Thank You to a friend who has been supportive trough the years, or to your parents for all of their sacrifices for you- they will love it.


Caryn’s Bridals, Formals and Tuxedo’s would like to Thank You, our customers, for making our business blossom through the years, you are the reason we love what we do!

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