Registry talk. Things no one tells you!

So, it’s time for you to register somewhere for your wedding, this will be a fun part of your planning! You and your fiancé can go together and pick out your favorite products and your guests can gift them to you.

A few common places that specialize in wedding registries are Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and Macy’s; you can choose to register at all three of these places or you can choose only one, whatever you consider will be easiest for your guests to access, just make sure you don’t register the same gift at 2 different stores (trust us, you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a full living room of gifts, days wasted on returns, exchanges and writing thank you notes to your second cousin for that gift you already returned but can’t remember what it was).

When choosing your items, make sure you carefully choose gifts over a certain amount so that you don’t end up with 80 things under $19.99 and 80 things over $99.99. Odds are the majority of your $19.99 gifts will all be purchased, while the majority of your pricey items will not be.

Consider this, before heading to the store, take inventory of what you already have as a couple (you may have forgotten about that food processor your parents got you last year); This will help determine what you need and what you want.This is a great time to think about color coordination also, do you want your kitchen to be mainly yellow, or match the grey living room? Consider all options!

TIP from Caryn’s Bridals, Formals and Tuxedos: If you choose Bed Bath and Beyond, be aware of their coupon policy. After the wedding, if you still have gifts that have not been purchased, do NOT rush in to buy them, they will first send you a 10% coupon off all gifts remaining in your wedding registry, and if you wait 2-3 months, they will send you a 20% coupon off all of your remaining gifts to ensure you purchase from them.

If you are returning/exchanging a gift someone got you, make sure to check the original price of the item purchased, your guest probably used their “20% off one item” coupon to purchase your gift. Bed Bath and Beyond needs to give you a “%20 off a single item” coupon if that was the case. For example, you changed your mind about that $100 knife set you got from your aunt, now you want the $100 fancy trash can from their store; when you return your item you will be given $80 in store credit because your aunt used a coupon, but your product is still worth $100 in their store, so it should be an even exchange. Be prepared to ask for your coupon, do not pay anything out of pocket if items exchanged are the same price on the shelf.

Caryn’s Bridals, Formals and Tuxedos wished you happy hunting!



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