Bridal Veil Post Office Helps Brides Put Special Touch on Wedding Invitations

Sometimes, it’s the little details that count when planning a wedding. Thousands of brides who care about even the smallest detail—in this case, the cancelled postage stamp on their wedding invitations—are flocking to the tiny post office in Bridal Veil, Oregon. The Bridal Veil post office, which is one of only a few buildings in the town, mails out over 180,000 wedding invitations a year from couples who want to get one of two unique wedding-themed cancellation stamps on their postage—encircled hearts, or two doves.

In fact, the Bridal Veil post office, which originally opened over 125 years ago in the late 1800s, would no longer be open if it weren’t for all the wedding invitations it stamps. Bridal mail constitutes a whopping 95% of the post office’s business. Most invitations are sent to the post office with postage already on them just so they can get the unique cancellation stamp. The first 50 invitations are stamped for free, but there is a charge of a nickel for each invitation above that number. The office is able to remain open thanks to the fact that approximately 25% of the invitations do not arrive with postage already on them, already on them; therefore, they must purchase the postage through the Bridal Veil post office.

Ironically, the current clerk, Tara Stiller, worked as a wedding planner before getting a job as a postal worker. It’s a good thing she considers helping brides get every detail right to be her special calling, because hand-stamping 190,000 wedding invitations can get tedious. In fact, Stiller sometimes gets callouses on her hands from all the stamping!

It isn’t just American brides who value the unique stamps—invitations arrive at the post office from all over the world, including from South Korea and Australia. Apparently, when it comes to weddings, meticulous attention to every last detail is something that transcends cultural barriers. If you want to find out how you can get your invitations sent through the Bridal Veil post office, you can give them a call at (503) 695-2380.

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