Special occasion gown? We have everything!

Are you looking for a dress that will be perfect for your prom, anniversary or special event? Caryn’s Bridals Formals and Tuxedos has everything you need. You can find the perfect gown, shoes, and accessories all in one place and it will come with a great experience. We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service and we even include your own personal assistant while you shop with us.

Call us to book an appointment and we will make sure your special event is everything you could have hoped for and more.

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Black Friday Sale!

This is the moment you have all been waiting for, Black Friday!

We will have a huge sale going on at Caryn’s Bridals Formals and Tuxedos on Friday, from 10:00 am-6:00 pm so don’t miss it. There will be discounts ranging from 50% to %75 off our most beautiful formal and prom gowns, so now is the time to purchase your favorite dress for your special occasion.

Is Prom no longer on your calendar? Then don’t forget about that Christmas party you have coming up, and of course New Year’s Eve; stock up on our glamorous dresses and be prepared to amaze your co-workers and friends.

Find your perfect fit for your perfect day at Caryn’s!

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What dress should you say “I Do!” to?

We know that looking through Pinterest and websites like “The Knot” has given you many ideas, some great and less than amazing, and that is a good start! Now comes the time to narrow down what will look great on your body; many of Caryn’s Brides already have a dream dress in mind when they step foot in our store, but you will be surprised how many find that a different style fits them even better than what they had imagined.

We encourage you to allow your personal Bridal Consultant to guide you in your choices; she will see your body type and know what will make you stand out on your special day.

Whether you have a curvy body, or a thin figure, Caryn’s gowns will be the perfect fit for you.

Call us to set up an appointment! (434)392-5111.



What is new in the wedding fashion industry?

We want all of our brides to be well informed of all the new trends happening in the wedding world, so of course, as soon as we know – you know! The millennials have inspired a new set of trends that have already begun; here is the latest scoop from one of our favorite websites, The Knot:

  • Casual weddings. Millennial couples are opting for more casual weddings with nearly 2 in 3 (64%) of weddings being semi-formal. This is leading to a decline in popularity for religious institutions and banquet halls, and historical buildings and farms are on the rise.
  • Intimate settings. They crave intimacy and favor smaller weddings with an average number of guests being 138 with down-to-earth experiences. For example, outdoor weddings with a more laid-back elegance are trending big. Everything is well-done, but feels organic and natural. Think eucalyptus, ferns and grasses sprouting out from a few deep purple or red dahlias.
  • Fun elements. Millennial couples have unique and fun personalities with a very creative side. They’re showing this off with quirky food elements such as Moscow mules and DIY sundae stations. Having an after-party is also trending big for the fun couple and their guests who don’t want the party to end!
  • Personal experiences. Adding a personal touch that represents the couples’ style is trending really big this year. They want to showcase their personalities with a customized feeling. For example, branded weddings with personalized logos and monograms creating a theme throughout allowing their style to really shine.


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Can I purchase a gown online or over the telephone?

All dresses at Caryn’s Bridals Formals and Tuxedos must be ordered directly from our store, whether in person, over the phone or from our website.

However, we do encourage you to stop by our store to make your purchase. This will allow you to try on all the different styles of gowns to determine which the most suitable style is for you.You will also be able to utilize the expertise from our Bridal Consultants that will be matched to you and get the full service that you deserve in preparing for your wedding day.

We now take orders over the Internet; you may select your desired dress, and proceed to checkout.

Call us for more questions, we are here to help! (434)392-5111.

I have chosen my wedding dress! Now What?

Congratulations! Now, consider the following:

·         Alterations: Dresses purchased at our store have a maximum alterations charge of $195.  To be sure of our guaranteed Perfect Fit, the alteration process needs to begin several months before the wedding.

·         Accessories: We offer a large selection, which includes veils, jewelry, shoes, and tiaras.  Our Perfect Fit guarantee applies to these items too, so we encourage our brides to see the final product during the fitting.

·         Shoes: We have a large selection of shoes to match your style and gown.  Let us apply the Caryn’s Perfect Fit, so hopefully you won’t choose the alternative look of bare feet at your reception.

·         Bustle: Traditional or French?


Questions? Perfect, we are waiting to help! (434)392-5111.

What about the groom and his groomsmen?

Great question!

Tuxedos can be rented or bought.  Renting is affordable, and convenient.

To order tuxedos, all that is required are each person’s measurements.  Measurements can be done by our experts, or any tailor.  If done by another establishment, the measurements can be forwarded to us.

Tuxedos orders can be expedited within a few weeks.

We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for wedding attire; we can help you find the perfect choice for all the men in your special event. We have a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Call for group pricing, and other offers (434)392-5111.

Do I need an appointment to try on a wedding gown, or can I just walk in?

We recommend making an appointment.  This allows us to provide plenty of time, attention and a professional bridal consultant for your visit. Although some days are busier than others, wait times can be up to an hour.

There are several ways to make an appointment:

1. Go to our website:
-select your preferred day and time.  Typical response time is within 24 hours.

2. Call our store (434) 392-5111.

3. Visit us in person.

How long do prom gown alterations take?

Do you need to get your 2014 prom dress altered that you purchased at Caryn’s Bridals, Formals & Tuxedos? Look no further, we offer professional in-house alterations. Since this time of the year is super busy with prom and bridal alterations it usually takes about a month to a month and a half to complete alterations. We also encourage you to make an appointment to ensure our alteration’s specialist is here to assist you.

Here at Caryn’s Bridals we strive to make sure you have a perfect fit, for your perfect day! Call 434-392-5111 to schedule your alteration’s appointment today with our alteration’s specialist.

Also, just a quick reminder your dress has to be paid in full to start alterations and complete payment of alterations is due when pinned.

We look forward to helping you look picture perfect on your big day!

Who will help me choose my gown?

When you go shopping for the dress, you’re probably going to want some of your loved ones there who will be able to support you and help you make the right decision. But don’t choose just anyone. You are going to want people who will be supportive and honest. Those people must also realize that it is your dress. If you have your heart set on one dress, but they think you should choose a different one, they need to be flexible and realize that it is your day. Otherwise, dress shopping can be a very painful process. You also must decide how big you want your entourage to be. I wouldn’t recommend too big, as a large group can sometimes get unfocused or over-opinionated. Still, you’ll probably want more than just one person, just so that you’ll have more variety of opinions. Basically, I would say a group of 2-4 people is probably your best bet.