Your Trip to the Bridal Salon

You’ve finally gotten to the best part of planning your wedding, Finding your Dream Dress. Everyone knows to start by finding the salon nearest them that has the most beautiful dresses, but what about what to do once you’re actually in the bridal salon looking for your dress? Here are a few pieces of advice to help you while your at the Salon looking for your perfect dress.

1. Make an appointment.
Most salons are small, have a limited number of dressing rooms that are booked weeks in advance. Bridal salons often ask that you have an appointment to ensure that each bride has a dedicated consultant who can help pick out gowns, offer guidance, and get a bride in and out of the dresses (Because that can be no easy task alone!)

2. Have ideas wedding-dealsof what you are looking for.
Finding your perfect dress is the most exciting part of planning a wedding. But sometimes it can be overwhelming when you come in and look at the dresses. We all know the world of Pinterest and Google are filled with ideas for different styles of wedding gowns, so to make it a little easier on yourself try to take a peek at some dresses on those sites or even on the Salon’s website to see what they have that you think you will like. Having an idea before you come in for your appointment will help you consultant be more prepared to pull styles that you are looking for, and leave behind the ones you don’t like. And don’t forget to wear or bring your strapless bras or spanx so that you can get the closest image of how you will look in the dress on your big day!

3. Wear light makeup, and leave the coffee at home.
The gowns at bridal salons are samples, so they only have one of each; they can’t run to the back and grab you another one if there’s a smudge, stain, or spill on the gown. So hold off on the lipstick and sip just water while you’re shopping so that the dress is just as gorgeous for the next bride as it was for you.

4. Be mindful of the time!
On TV it may seem like a bride has unlimited time to browse the racks and try on dozens of dresses before choosing their dream dress, but in reality, appointments are usually only an hour and a half long. While it is acceptable to go slightly over that time limit (especially if you are this close to choosing your gown or waiting to be measured) keep in mind that the consultant more than likely has another appointment directly after yours and she may be waiting. If you are concerned with making a decision too quickly, or you feel like you need to sleep on it, its perfectly fine! Ask your consultant about making a second appointment with her and come back to try on your top choices with fresh eyes.

5. Have Fun!
Finding your dress is supposed to be one of the most fun parts of a wedding. Bridal consultants do their very best to make it fun and stress-free for the bride because they want you to have the best experience possible! Bring your mom, grandma, sisters, aunts, best friends, anyone who will make you have the best day you possibly can! (But remember that sometimes too many opinions can make it hard on a bride and create an overwhelming feeling!) When you find your dress, clap, shout, whoo, and celebrate! Bridal consultants want to make sure that you can’t wipe the smile from your face when you find your perfect dress for your dream wedding!

What to Wear Under Your Dress

bridallingerie_1Finding your gorgeous dress is half the battle when it comes to completing your dream look. Proper undergarments and accessories tie a look together and take your appearance to the next level.

Backless dresses are the perfect opportunity to wear adhesive bra cups or nipple covers. Adhesive bra cups are great for a natural coverage that will last all night. They offer a bit of enhancement and work well for any cup size. Adhesive bra cups work best with an open back dress, strapless dress or a halter. If you are looking for a little something extra but not full coverage, opting for a nipple cover is a great alternative. These adhesive covers are small and discreet and will create a “barely there” look.

Proper panties can make or break your look. If you are opting for a fitted dress, be sure to complete your look with a seamless panty. There are plenty of great panty options out there depending on your style and comfort level. When selecting your undergarment of choice, pay close attention to size. If you choose underwear that is too small for you it may create an unnecessary line that will show through in your dress that can be eliminated by sizing up!

If you are looking for extra support in the mid section, try a Spanx undergarment. Spanx are offered in a variety of shapes and can be used to pull you in and push you up in the areas where you are looking for extra support. Spanx can help hide a muffin top or even control unruly love handles in a sexy, fitted dress.

Consider these types of undergarments when preparing for prom this year. They offer added support and comfort and can enhance the look and feel of your prom dress on your special night!


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To See or Not to See

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Brittany Miller – Faith Photography

Many traditions are passed down from generation to generation, but most of them do not need explaining. A tradition such as eating dinner at the table instead of in front of the TV, or even watching the football games together on Sunday night is fairly self explanatory. These are traditions we can easily follow without question, but when it comes to the tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding, we decided to ask the question: Why not?
The answer to this question seems simple enough – It is bad luck.
This tradition is believed to have originated from the Middle East, where arranged marriages were common and still are to this day. The type of arranged marriage we are discussing is the arranged endogamous marriage: one where a third party finds and selects the bride and groom from a particular social, economic, and/or cultural group. Basically, mom and dad know best, so they will find someone suitable for their son or daughter.
The main reason behind this tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding is supposedly to keep him from running away. The groom generally does not get to see his future wife until the day of the wedding, but many of us today in our culture, thankfully, can.
So why do some brides still choose not to see their husband on their wedding day? Do they think he will run away? No, of course not!
Some brides choose this option as a way of building up the anticipation level. In most cases the bride and groom have lived together or have been engaged for years before the wedding day. Given that, most couples also spend a lot of time together planning and going over details of the wedding. The break between the end of the rehearsal night and the wedding day can be a special time for the couple. It is a time that they can let go of planning or thinking about who gets to sit next to aunt May, and instead can just think about seeing each other at the end of the aisle on their big day!
To the future brides reading this, the path you choose to take will be the best one. So whether you want to create your own tradition or follow an older one, go for it!
Caryn’s Bridals supports you!

The Three Most Important Things to Consider When Buying a Wedding Gown

wedding gownOf all the planning and money that goes into weddings, the bride’s dress is arguably the most important detail to get right! Most brides dream about what kind of wedding dress they’ll wear on their big day for years, and it’s little wonder that when the moment finally arrives, the dress becomes one of the main stars of the whole affair. Getting the perfect gown, however, can sometimes be a longer process than initially anticipated, and it is not usually something you can simply pluck from the rack.

Although finding your dream dress may not be an entirely simple process, and there are many things you should avoid, there is also plenty of great advice to be found on when to start shopping, where to look, and what to expect during the process.  Here are three of the most important things to consider when buying a wedding gown.

The Fit of the Dress

There is nothing as fundamental to a perfect dress as the fit, and it takes time to find the perfect fit for your perfect day! Custom-made dresses often require up to two fittings, and you shouldn’t be surprised if a mass-produced one is in need of two to three fittings as well.  To best avoid major alteration nightmares, pick something as close to your size as possible and ensure you are properly measured by an experienced seamstress, and keep in mind that it’s much easier to take things in than to let them out.

That being said, choosing a dress that’s much too large can be very labor-intensive and may require more extensive alterations; therefore, prioritize a reputable seamstress rather than an inexpensive one, and make sure to ask if appointments are necessary!  Caryn’s Bridals offers on-site alterations, simplifying the shopping/alteration process.  Listen to the advice of the seamstress and dress consultant, as they have years of experience and hundreds of dresses behind them.  Finally, if you know there will be major body changes between now and the wedding, make sure to fill your seamstress in so that they can be prepared.

Time is of the Essence

Since finding the right dress and getting it to fit properly can be a fairly timely process, it is recommended to start well ahead of the wedding date.  Generally speaking, starting the shopping process nine months to a year before the wedding should give you roughly six months for the fittings.  Try to get the final fitting out of the way two weeks before the wedding.  Yes, there are shops that can do the turnaround quicker; however, you’ll have to pay significantly more for the service and be far more flexible with your expectations!

When shopping, remember that bridal salons have some very busy times, especially during wedding season.  Weekends and evenings are also typically busier, so if you have the option of taking time off during the week, you’ll get more time and attention.

How Many People are Involved

The “too many cooks in the kitchen” saying holds true for wedding dresses as well! It is not recommended that you bring an entourage or try to get the opinions of your twenty closest girlfriends.  If you’re bombarded with too many suggestions or opinions, the process of finding your perfect dress can become overwhelming. It is best to choose a small circle of people, maybe two or three, that you’re really close to.

Your mother, maid of honor, best friend, and/or sister are usually good suggestions for a good wedding dress consulting team.  Make sure to tell the group what you’re envisioning as your dream dress so that you’re all starting on the same page.  You’ll want to keep an open mind throughout the process, of course, and take into account the advice of your bridal consultant; however, trusting your instincts is key!

Bridal Veil Post Office Helps Brides Put Special Touch on Wedding Invitations

Sometimes, it’s the little details that count when planning a wedding. Thousands of brides who care about even the smallest detail—in this case, the cancelled postage stamp on their wedding invitations—are flocking to the tiny post office in Bridal Veil, Oregon. The Bridal Veil post office, which is one of only a few buildings in the town, mails out over 180,000 wedding invitations a year from couples who want to get one of two unique wedding-themed cancellation stamps on their postage—encircled hearts, or two doves.

In fact, the Bridal Veil post office, which originally opened over 125 years ago in the late 1800s, would no longer be open if it weren’t for all the wedding invitations it stamps. Bridal mail constitutes a whopping 95% of the post office’s business. Most invitations are sent to the post office with postage already on them just so they can get the unique cancellation stamp. The first 50 invitations are stamped for free, but there is a charge of a nickel for each invitation above that number. The office is able to remain open thanks to the fact that approximately 25% of the invitations do not arrive with postage already on them, already on them; therefore, they must purchase the postage through the Bridal Veil post office.

Ironically, the current clerk, Tara Stiller, worked as a wedding planner before getting a job as a postal worker. It’s a good thing she considers helping brides get every detail right to be her special calling, because hand-stamping 190,000 wedding invitations can get tedious. In fact, Stiller sometimes gets callouses on her hands from all the stamping!

It isn’t just American brides who value the unique stamps—invitations arrive at the post office from all over the world, including from South Korea and Australia. Apparently, when it comes to weddings, meticulous attention to every last detail is something that transcends cultural barriers. If you want to find out how you can get your invitations sent through the Bridal Veil post office, you can give them a call at (503) 695-2380.

Let’s just say I walked away with the Perfect dress and the best experience

Caryn’s Bridals has the best variety of dresses, I thought it was going to take me a longer time until I found “the one” And I also thought I wanted something totally different. It turns out I found the One in the same day and it was something I had not considered too much! It was a beautiful experience, they made me feel like a real princess in there, and the store looks like a palace when you are trying on dresses. I found my shoes and all of my jewelry there also, and all of my bridesmaids dresses (they have a special deal when you buy your wedding dress and get bridesmaids dresses there) AND the groomsmen’s attire. Let’s just say I walked away with the Perfect dress and the best experience, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. They were all really great, Lilia helped me and she was awesome. She gave real advice and didn’t sugar coat anything, the last thing I wanted was to look silly, Thanks Lilia and Emily!! And especially Caryn!

Wedding: 12/06/2014
Services Used: Dress & Attire
Reviewed On: 01/29/2015

Here comes the Groom


You have been dreaming of this moment your whole life. The moment you walk down the aisle and look into your future husband’s eyes while he gazes back into yours from the distance, your guests all smile and aww as you walk by in your dream dress, everything sparkles, it’s perfect.Does that mean your husband has the same fantasy as you? Probably not. He is probably looking forward to the reception, food and the honeymoon, but that does not mean he is not excited about the whole wedding planning process and the wedding itself.

His Opinions Matter.

When looking at which color and material invitations to chooes, don’t criticize his opinions (even though they may be way off your color scheme), treat them with interest in order to encourage him to express his opinions as well. He will love your feedback and become more involved in the process. You get more bees with honey than with vinegar.

Keep him informed.

If you decide to add something a little bit more extravagant in your wedding, like an ice sculpture of the two of you in the middle of the head table, make sure you consult with your fiancé. Anytime a more costly purchase is made (or any purchase really), he will be glad you informed him and he will feel you are working as a team. And who knows, he might want his dog in the ice sculpture.

His Bachelor Party.

Is his, that’s all there is to it. You don’t want him to feel pressured to call/text you every other minute on his “last night out with the boys”. Just take a deep breath and don’t look at the clock.

Memories are made through planning.

You will make more memories planning your wedding together than during your actual wedding. So make sure your memories have the both of you in them. Later down the road you can laugh at some of the choices you made as a team.

Caryn’s Bridals Formals and Tuxedos wishes you happy planning!

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Thank You Notes- a Must!

You have probably seen many wedding timelines that include “Thank You notes” at the end, but you might not think they are such a big deal. Showing your appreciation means a lot, especially if you are thanking someone who took the time to come celebrate your wedding and/or bring you a gift.

There are many ways of writing Thank You notes after your wedding, the best way in our opinion here at Caryn’s Bridals Formals and Tuxedos, is the traditional hand written Thank You. You can start by printing out your guest list, and as soon as you have opened a gift from someone, write it next to their name on your list (excel file works best) and then check it off once you have finished the note.

Caryn’s TIP: If you find a gift from someone and it does not have a card/name on it and if it was purchased from your registry, then you can call the store and they will tell you who it is from.

This will be something that involves a lot of time on your part (not as easy as the invitations that are all printed the same). Keep in mind that people love to read a lot more than just “Thank you for your gift, we love it!”

If you really want to make your guests feel like they are appreciated, then you can have a note that looks similar to this:


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Smith,


Thank you so much for your generous (if it was money)/ wonderful gift, we really appreciate it.

We plan on using the ________/ $–.00 toward our ______________________(insert what your plans are with the gift).

We are so glad you could join us for our special celebration; we hope you had a wonderful time at our wedding and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Sincerely, / With Love

Mr. & Mrs._______


Thank you notes are wonderful to receive no matter what the occasion, or without any occasion. Take the time to say Thank You to a friend who has been supportive trough the years, or to your parents for all of their sacrifices for you- they will love it.


Caryn’s Bridals, Formals and Tuxedo’s would like to Thank You, our customers, for making our business blossom through the years, you are the reason we love what we do!

Registry talk. Things no one tells you!

So, it’s time for you to register somewhere for your wedding, this will be a fun part of your planning! You and your fiancé can go together and pick out your favorite products and your guests can gift them to you.

A few common places that specialize in wedding registries are Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and Macy’s; you can choose to register at all three of these places or you can choose only one, whatever you consider will be easiest for your guests to access, just make sure you don’t register the same gift at 2 different stores (trust us, you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a full living room of gifts, days wasted on returns, exchanges and writing thank you notes to your second cousin for that gift you already returned but can’t remember what it was).

When choosing your items, make sure you carefully choose gifts over a certain amount so that you don’t end up with 80 things under $19.99 and 80 things over $99.99. Odds are the majority of your $19.99 gifts will all be purchased, while the majority of your pricey items will not be.

Consider this, before heading to the store, take inventory of what you already have as a couple (you may have forgotten about that food processor your parents got you last year); This will help determine what you need and what you want.This is a great time to think about color coordination also, do you want your kitchen to be mainly yellow, or match the grey living room? Consider all options!

TIP from Caryn’s Bridals, Formals and Tuxedos: If you choose Bed Bath and Beyond, be aware of their coupon policy. After the wedding, if you still have gifts that have not been purchased, do NOT rush in to buy them, they will first send you a 10% coupon off all gifts remaining in your wedding registry, and if you wait 2-3 months, they will send you a 20% coupon off all of your remaining gifts to ensure you purchase from them.

If you are returning/exchanging a gift someone got you, make sure to check the original price of the item purchased, your guest probably used their “20% off one item” coupon to purchase your gift. Bed Bath and Beyond needs to give you a “%20 off a single item” coupon if that was the case. For example, you changed your mind about that $100 knife set you got from your aunt, now you want the $100 fancy trash can from their store; when you return your item you will be given $80 in store credit because your aunt used a coupon, but your product is still worth $100 in their store, so it should be an even exchange. Be prepared to ask for your coupon, do not pay anything out of pocket if items exchanged are the same price on the shelf.

Caryn’s Bridals, Formals and Tuxedos wished you happy hunting!